Services for Job Seekers

Job Leads & Referrals

Linking Michiana is dedicated to helping job seekers find employment. To make things easier, each job seeker completes our application; discuss their experience, limitations, and goals; and based on the needs we proceed with a plan.  We also have an extra laptop at our office for job seekers to search for employment, work on their resume, and complete online applications.

We assist job seekers with job leads, online employment applications, and referrals to employers at no charge. We work with our job seekers every step of the way, until they are hired. We also follow up with them during the first week to make sure they are happy. However, if any of our clients is a no-call no-show for a job interview or their job, quits without adequate notice or good reason, we will discontinue our affiliation indefinitely.

Sometimes, our job seekers simply need a place to go to vent their frustrations, talk to someone about their progress, and seek advice.  This boosts their self-esteem and helps them regain their focus and successfully find employment. It’s an emotional experience being unemployed, and having a friend during the process is just what a job seeker needs.

Please remember, Linking Michiana is a referral service and not a staffing agency. We are committed to helping our job seekers find and pursue opportunities. We will help all we can, but ultimately the job seeker must really want to work and be committed to finding employment.

Resume Assistance

Free resume consulting with one free follow-up appointment

We go over the resume in great detail with our clients and make recommendations. Each subsequent appointment fee: $20.

If you do not have a resume

We help job seekers get started. For those that want to build a resume on their own time, but aren’t very experienced with Microsoft Word, we will provide a free online resource that guides every step and is accessible any time from any computer!

Don’t want to build your own resume?

Many job seekers lack time or experience with computers and ask Linking Michiana to build a resume for them. We spend an average of six hours working on a resume – from interviewing the job seeker; getting a keen understanding of their work experience, skills, and objective; building and designing a resume; to a final review with our clients to ensure absolute satisfaction.

This resume service comes with five paper copies and a PDF file emailed to the client. Fee: $100.

When working with our job seekers, we follow similar procedures as an employer.

What you should not do at a job interview, you cannot do at our office either.

  • Bring yourself – do not ask someone to come in your place
  • Complete our application – if you can’t do it, we will help you
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Keep appointments
  • Do not bring your family and friends
  • Do not talk and text on your cell phone
  • Silence cell phones or set to vibrate
  • Dress respectfully – please don’t arrive in your bathing suit, pajamas, or short-shorts!
  • Come prepared to take notes
  • Be honest
  • Have references available