Referral Service for Employers

Referral Service for Employers

Referral Service for Employers – flat fee service for three months!

It’s easy to become part of Linking Michiana’s network! One price for three months – a flat fee for only $650! Because Linking Michiana is a referral service, employers do not pay a fee for each individual. Our network of employers are the first companies we advocate for.

Just like advertising, there is no promise or guarantee for a specific number of referrals due to low unemployment rate and required work history, skills and qualifications of job seekers, . This service is non-refundable.


  • The referral service is three months and does NOT automatically renew
  • No cancellation required, as this service will automatically expire in three months.
  • Non-refundable
  • A registration form is required for each 3 month service
  • Service begins when payment and registration form is completed.
  • Linking Michiana’s Referral Service does not include Open Interviews, as this is a separate service

Promotional Materials

Employers in our network are encouraged to provide promotional materials to give to prospective employees that describes more about their company, such as:

  • Tri-fold pamphlets
  • Paper Applications
  • Instructional cards with step-by-step instructions on how to apply online
  • Flyers
  • Email job leads with job descriptions as often as necessary – include shifts and wages
  • Company approved logos for Linking Michiana to use on their social media

Application Assistance is included with our Referral Service

Because Linking Michiana is not a staffing agency, we dedicate quality one-on-one time with each of our job seekers to guide them to employment opportunities they best qualify for.

  • Assist job seekers with the [online] application process.
  • Scan completed paper applications to HR, and then, give the original back to the job seeker so they can bring it with them for their job interview.
  • If HR is interested in the applicant, they are directed to your company.
  • For online application follow-up, we will communicate with HR to ensure the application process has been completed.
  • Includes resume submission, if a resume is required as part of the hiring process – if the job seeker has one.

Note: We may modify these services at any time, without prior notice, to improve or add clarity to our services. $650 is an introductory fee. (Page updated 08/01/2017)