Referral Service for Employers – flat fee service for three months!

Linking Michiana’s Referral Service is a unique way to connect with potential employees without having to leave your office!

It’s easy to become part of Linking Michiana’s network! Because Linking Michiana is a referral service, employers do not pay a fee for each individual, but a flat rate for three months for unlimited referrals! Our network of employers are the first companies we advocate for with our job seekers.

Similar to advertising, there is no promise or guarantee for a specific number of referrals due to qualifying factors and low unemployment rate versus the primary goals of the job seekers.

Application Assistance is included with our Referral Service

Linking Michiana dedicates quality time with each job seeker. We strive to differentiate between the serious job seekers and the ones going through the motions pretending to look for employment. We also fight hard for individuals we believe deserve a fresh new start.

  • Assist job seekers through the [online] application process.
  • Scan completed paper applications to HR and ensure job seekers keep the original to have for their job interview.
  • For online application follow-up, we communicate with HR to confirm the application has been completed properly.
  • Includes resume submission, if a resume is required.

Bring Us Promotional Materials

Employers, in our network, are encouraged to provide promotional materials describing their industry, employment opportunities, and benefits.

  • Tri-fold pamphlets
  • Paper Applications
  • Instructional cards with step-by-step instructions on how to apply online
  • Business Cards
  • Email job leads with job descriptions as often as necessary – include shifts and wages
  • Company approved logos for Linking Michiana to use on their social media


  • Fee – $910 flat rate – referrals for three months
  • The three-month Referral Service does NOT automatically renew
  • No cancellation required – this service will automatically expire in three months.
  • A registration form is required for each 3 month service
  • Referral Service begins when payment and registration form are received
  • Linking Michiana’s Referral Service does not include Open Interviews, as this is a separate service
  • The Referral Service is non-refundable


  • Note: We may modify our services at any time, without prior notice, to improve or add clarity. Cancellations before the end of the three-month term, must be in the form of a letter, on a letter head, with a signature, mailed through the US Post Office. Linking Michiana reserves the right not work with any company that does not complement their goals working with the community.
updated 4/2018