Referral Service for Employers

Referral Service for EmployersLinking Michiana’s referral service is a low-cost supplement for employers with hiring needs. While Linking Michiana is not a staffing agency, we do devote quality one-on-one time with our job seekers and guide them to employment opportunities they best qualify for. Employers that are members with Linking Michiana are the first companies we advocate for.

For less than $60 a month, employers can receive employee referrals for one year! Just like advertising, there is no promise or guarantee for a specific number of referrals due to work history, skills and qualifications of job seekers. This service is non-refundable.

The benefit of our referral service: Because Linking Michiana is not a staffing agency, employers do not pay a fee for each individual; employers simply pay for a selected term for our referrals.

It’s easy to become part of Linking Michiana’s network. There are three membership options:

Referral Service Only
3 months 6 months
(save $125)
12 months
(save $400)
$275 $425 $700
Referral Application Referral Application Referral Application
No discount for Open Interviews 10% Discount Open Interviews 20% Discount Open Interviews

Stand-alone Referral Service
Linking Michiana forwards completed referral applications to Human Resources, giving them direct contact with the prospective employee.

  • Employers in our network are the first to be recommended to our job seekers.
  • 12 Month members will be listed on our web site as employers in our network.
  • 12 month members will be invited to our May & June Pizza Meet & Greets – a perfect opportunity to interview graduating high school seniors and college students coming home for the summer.
  • Each branch of business is considered a separate employer
Add-On Application Assistance
* * Half Price until March 1, 2016 * *
3 months 6 months 12 months
$125 $150 $275
With this added service, employers may bring flyers and promotional materials, such as brochures, to leave at our office to give to job seekers.

Application Assistance is a major contributor to Linking Michiana’s 80% placement!

  • We can scan applications to email them to your company’s HR and give the original back to the job seeker, or send the client directly to your company.
  • For online application follow-up, we will call HR to give them the name of the applicant and make sure the application process has been completed.
  • Includes resume submission, if a resume is required as part of the hiring process.

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Rates & Services are subject to change without notice. If you printed any forms from our web site, please contact Linking Michiana to ensure you have the most recent set of documents. There will be a revised date on all documents on the lower right-hand corner.