Basic Promotional Service for Employers

Linking Michiana’s Basic Promotional Service enhances employers’ current marketing strategies to fill job openings, promote their industry, and supply applications for the resource center.

Linking Michiana’s resource center is an efficient amenity for job seekers to survey employment opportunities in local and surrounding areas, while permitting them to save gas, time and money. Equipping prospects with applications and promotional materials is an extraordinary gesture and valued service.

Anyone who utilizes the resource center also has access to laptop stations; required to complete a referral application; elaborate on their work experience and abilities; and provide references.

With the Basic Promotional Service, Linking Michiana is not a liaison between prospective candidates and employers. They merely supply information and materials to job seekers to better help them evaluate hiring opportunities with accurate information provided by employers.

For a more in-depth service, to receive referrals from Linking Michiana, it would be most beneficial to consider their Referral Service.


  • Fee – $420 for three months
  • The three-month Basic Promotional Service does NOT automatically renew
  • No cancellation required – this service will automatically expire in three months.
  • A registration form is required for each 3 month service.
  • Linking Michiana’s Basic Application Service is a promotional service, not a referral service.

Bring Us Promotional Materials

Employers, in our network, are encouraged to provide promotional materials describing their industry, employment opportunities, and benefits.

  • Hiring or “Help Wanted” flyers for our bulletin board
  • Business cards for Human Resources
  • Tri-fold pamphlets
  • Paper Applications
  • Instructional cards with step-by-step instructions on how to apply online
  • Email job leads with job descriptions as often as necessary – include shifts and wages
  • Company approved logos for Linking Michiana to use on their social media