Helpful Ideas for Job Seekers

Some of the best resources and ideas for job seekers are not found online. Remember the old adage, “Keep it simple stupid?” In the age of technology, we forget we can put down our cell phones, tablets and close our laptops and stand up on our own two feet and move forward.  Most of the advice here requires getting out of the house and mingling in the real world to improve one’s chances for finding employment.

The simplicity of doing things the old fashioned way can prove to be the most efficient with a positive outcome.

Hiring Events

Job Fairs are great places to practice networking and speaking with hiring managers. It is also the perfect atmosphere for quality networking and to explore serious hiring opportunities all under one roof.  If you have never experienced a job fair, read this article: Networking at My First Job Fair – What I Learned! by Meagan Torres for Linking Michiana.

Also, check out Virginia Tech’s: “How to Prepare For a Job Fair / Career Fair.”

Set up a Google Alert to be sent to your email. It’s a great way to be informed about job fairs and hiring events in your area.


Not every job lead is found online. Companies still advertise with local and surrounding newspapers. Our favorite newspaper for job leads is the Goshen News, because they have more classified ads from more towns than any other newspaper in our area.

Public Libraries

Public Libraries are excellent resource for job seekers. Most libraries have free Wi-Fi, computers, and newspapers from several cities. And, there are people there – one never knows who they will run into!


Networking is vital to the success in almost everything we do, including seeking employment. Keep your network alive by staying in touch with friends and acquaintances. Remember, one of the best ways to get your foot in the door with a company is through someone you know.

Make business cards and carry them with you! You never know who you will end up running into when you’re running errands.  Business cards are a quick way to give out your contact information, without having to stumble for a piece of paper and a pen. Bumping into long lost friends and new acquaintances will broaden your network. Tip: people recognize faces better than they remember names, include a photo of yourself on your business cards.

Explore this free business card template maker! This online tool lets you custom design your own business cards! Save your project on your computer and print off a sheet of business cards as you need them. Select paper size and Avery format when saving your project.

Volunteering is an excellent method for revealing new skills and expanding employment options.  Contributing your time and getting involved with local organizations will also add to your experience, help minimize stress, and increase your professional connections.

 The DC Library lists several resources for seeking organizations that are in need of volunteers and interns all over the U.S.

Get dressed and out of the house! Take your laptop with you and go hang out at a location that has free Wi-Fi. You can job search, work on your resume, and socialize with people in your community. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with old friends and make new ones – nurture and grow personal network.