We Host Open Interviews

Open Interviews with Linking MichianaWhile establishing Linking Michiana, we discovered a need for employers to have an alternative way to reach out to job seekers, fill openings and to meet candidates one-on-one.  Even though the job market has improved, people are seeking better benefits and higher wages. Some of our job seekers are working multiple part time jobs, single parents, families with one automobile, or financially compromised and unable to afford the gas to travel from place to place to find better employment. Open Interviews, hosted at Linking Michiana’s office, offers employers an additional resource to attract applicants, promote employment opportunities, and be more accessible for job seekers.

Open Interviews are productive in many ways:

Co-worker for the day: We assist company representatives in any way that we can from greeting candidates, helping with the application process, and gathering information.

Gain candidates: Even if a people arrive a day early or a few days later, Linking Michiana will still be here and we will forward the applicant’s information on to your company.

Teamwork: If you meet candidates that lack experience, qualifications or skills to meet your needs, we can assist them with other job leads. During the time your company is here, job seekers experience a team of people equipped to assist them.

Recruiting: Is your company located more than 20 miles away trying to recruit for positions that are local to our area? Open Interviews is a great way to connect with target employees. Also, keep in mind,  people in this area are willing to travel up to 30-40 miles for a permanent, full time, steady job.

Public Relations: Forming and preserving a relationship with the community is key to word of mouth.

Success: Employers produce better results with each subsequent visit, whether it is once a month, every other week or weekly. The community recognizes and job seekers inquire when employers are coming back.

Schedule Open Interviews

Open Interviews can be scheduled weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

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