We Host Open Interviews

Open Interviews with Linking Michiana

Open Interviews with Linking Michiana is a great resource for employers needing to reach out to job seekers! We have a conference room furnished with a conference table, four – 4’ tables, seating for 12 (with the ability to add more), and a flat screen television to use for presentations, orientations and hiring events.

Open Interviews can be scheduled any day of the week, morning, afternoon or evenings – one week in advance!

  • Fee $150 – Weekday and normal business hours  – up to six hours
  • Fee $250 – Evenings or weekends – up to four hours

4th Date FREE! It is highly recommended to schedule weekly dates for Open Interviews. The more frequent an employer comes, the better the results! If an employer schedules three consecutive weekly appointments, we offer the fourth (successive) week free of charge!

Employers are responsible for their own advertising.

For Banners

Our business neighbor, Hunter Family Graphics, prints 6’ x 4’  banners for our employers that can be displayed right outside our office.  It typically takes one week for a banner to be made. Approximate cost is $87.

If employers schedule to come a specific day of the week and with the same hours, they will only need to purchase one banner that can be used as often as necessary.

Email Hunter Family Graphics for a quote: hunterfamilygraphics@gmail.com

For Print Advertising

The Gateway Shopper is a weekly publication from Sturgis, Michigan and is delivered to homes and businesses in both Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. Their fees cost significantly less than any city newspaper.

Contact Michelle Brownell via email MBrownell@thegatewayshopper.com, by phone: 269-625-6463 or toll free 800-525-8673.

Open Interviews are productive in many ways:

  • Co-worker for the day: We support employers in any way we can from greeting applicants, assisting with the application process, and gathering additional information.
  • Gain candidates: Even if job seekers arrive a day early, or a few days later, Linking Michiana will forward the applicant’s information on to your company and help them with the application process.
  • Teamwork: If you meet candidates that lack experience, qualifications or skills to meet your company’s needs, we can assist those prospects with other job leads. During the time your company is here, job seekers experience a team of people equipped to assist them.
  • Recruiting: Is your company located more than 20 miles away wanting to reach out to prospects from our area? Open Interviews is a great way to connect with target employees. Job seekers from this area are willing to travel up to 30-50 miles for permanent, full time, steady employment.
  • Public Relations: Forming and preserving a relationship with the community is key to word of mouth and sharing information about your industry.
  • Success: Employers produce better results with each subsequent visit, whether it is once a month, every other week or weekly. The community recognizes and will inquire when employers are coming back.

Schedule Open Interviews

Open Interviews can be scheduled weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

For inquiries email us: