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Maria Miller - Executive Director of Linking Michiana - a referral service for employers and a resource for job seekers. Connect with Maria Miller on LinkedIn or like Linking Michiana on Facebook.
Website: http://www.LinkingMichiana.com/
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Letter to Employers

After seven years, Linking Michiana matured into a business – a referral service for employers and a resource for job seekers. We treasure the experience we gained, affiliations with employers, and our friends in the  community. Thank you…. Oct 20, 2017 Dear Employers, Since our time here at our new office (July 10, 2017), we […]

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Linking Michiana – A Project of Love

This is Linking Michiana’s story, originally written January 23, 2013.  Maria Miller believes it is important to remember the beginning and preserve the memories. What began as a project of love Dec 29, 2010 has evolved into a referral service for employers and remains a resource for job seekers. Linking Michiana is not a business, […]

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Job Fairs – Profitable Networking!

A couple of months ago, someone asked me if there was a Human Resource Group in our area. My immediate response was, “If not, we will build one!” Well, there isn’t one, and I haven’t built one yet either. However, there is something Human Resource Managers can profit from – Job Fairs! A successful job fair […]

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