Letter to Employers

After seven years, Linking Michiana matured into a business – a referral service for employers and a resource for job seekers. We treasure the experience we gained, affiliations with employers, and our friends in the  community. Thank you….

Oct 20, 2017

Dear Employers,

Since our time here at our new office (July 10, 2017), we have been growing our business and extending our services within the community through word of mouth. We are changing lives one success story at a time! And, we are sincerely proud of the community having an influence on our accomplishments!

Now that our services are up to date on our web site, with a couple more being added, Linking Michiana is changing how they communicate with employers. We will only be emailing referrals directly to employers that are our clients. 

Because the community is one of our top priorities, we will continue to supply our job seekers with job leads that we believe they qualify for, provide directions to the locations and offer whatever support we can. 

For employers that are not our clients, we are instructing our job seekers to list Linking Michiana as a reference on online applications;  and, on paper applications we are advising for them to write across the top, “Linking Michiana Referral” – if they follow through with the information we provide, and go apply, it’s entirely up to them. For employers that are our clients, we will advocate for them, encourage our job seekers to apply and (depending on the service) assist the candidate with the application process and communicate with HR.

We value the relationships we have developed with employers and are not trying to burn any bridges. After doing everything for free for nearly seven years, it is time for us to turn the page to become a self sufficient business to cover our expenses and be able to continue helping the community.

Linking Michiana would like to thank the employers that have helped our job seekers. Please take the time to review our services for employers and let us know how we can continue to work together. And, as always, we are open to suggestions!

Thank you!

Maria Miller
Executive Director
Linking Michiana

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